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Welcome to the wonderful and amazing world of Safilo Health Care, Where you can find a complete hygiene life for your whole family. In this age of Wyoming technology where time taking over humans, We miss about small things. Besides this we can't let leave our health not also even our family. Our Company, Safilo Healthcare is registered with many brands:

So, here begins new era for improving our quality of life, but parallel we are always tense for hygiene. Safilo Health Care is one of the top level company for baby products where no need to worry for hygiene, purity, durability of products. We determine to be a new identity for "Kidoz", and also for growing up and yaa!! How can we forgot adults. All requirements for better and luxurious life is available with us for you for your comfort.



Baby Care


Home Care

Mr.Narshibhai H.Adroja - A Visionary person with great entrepreneurship quality within him by birth has made it for us, as dream come true. He is an electrical contractor. Who belongs to a most successful business person with foresight & wisdom. One after other he started achieving many milestones and still he is moving ahead with his three son's Mr.Bhavesh N.Adroja, Mr.Manish N.Adroja and Mr.Sanjay N.Adroja with a pleasure of success and comfort for people. This is the crawling baby of Narshibhai and it is handed over to his sons as M.D of Safilo Healthcare & Now this baby would be taken care by them and it is still growing up and getting mature in their hands.

Future Vision

Safilo Health Care Company has strong adherence to the quality and customer value through state of the art technology and benchmarking business practice for - Hygiene, Baby Care, Cosmetic, Home Care Division.

M.D's Of Safilo Healthcare are also involved in paper making industry, Ceramic industry, Ceramic raw material industry and also very much interested and involved in educational institutes.

As an Indian entrepreneur has future vision to push up make in india concept and penetrate india product to every indian home. Base on this vision has been started, Safilo Health Care Company, The 1st Indian manufacturer for the pant style diaper and grow with adding more segments like hygiene, Baby Care, Cosmetic and Home Care etc.